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About Us

Founded in 1988, The Management Company was formed to provide service to Community Associations in the Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. 

Now 28 years matured our philosophy of customizing and developing a management program that meets the unique needs of our clients rather than fitting a community into a single program continues to be the cornerstone of our continued success. By forming a long-standing representation plan with one Management Representative we are able to eliminate the “false start, learning curve” problems that so many associations have due to frequent management representative changes.


Account Managers are diligent in CC&R enforcement and site-supervision with thorough follow ups to ensure homeowner compliance.      

We provide complete, comprehensive monthly financial reports

which include detailed AP and AR reports, which include all actions being taken to pursue collections of delinquent assessments; Prepare and coordinate long term maintenance schedules; Monitor and assist in acquiring or renewing FHA approval: And the handling of all escrows related documentation in house and not via a third party in order to provide quick response times  

With an established and prominent track record of customer satisfaction amongst our Homeowners and Boards of Directors, we have never compromised on quality and services provided to our customers.


After choosing The Management Company, you will benefit from the experience, dedication and overall quality of service of each and every employee at our company. We believe in keeping our customers happy and providing them with a high level of service at a very competent price.

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